Newsletter Index for 2020

I managed to produce twelve issues of my newsletter, DH News Presents: each month a grab bag of writings about nature, conservation, science and wonder, with a good dose of humor thrown in.

Headlines for each of the twelve issues follow below, as well as the revolving DH title. The entire archive can be found here. If you’re not yet a subscriber I’d love to have you on the list (at that link or here).

1. The Drafty House: After the Forest, Deforestation Worsening, Word of the Day, Where the River Begins, Mary Oliver: 1935 – 2019, Clarification, Meme of the Day, Gleanings, Fermat’s Last Poem, Website News

2. The Dancing Hand: Calendar of Events, Did You Know, Today’s Image, The Year the Monarch Didn’t Appear, Homero Gomez Gonzalez, There’s a Word for That, Whale Migration, Whales in the News, Have You Ever, Good Fortune

3. The Dreaming Heron: Image of the Day, Upcoming Events, Walking With Trees, Rhino Poaching in South Africa, Stopping in the Woods, Quote of the Day, My Orchid, Nature’s Best Hope

4. The Dented Halo: Upcoming Events, My Orchid II, Nativeplantfinder, The 16th of September, A Strange Thing, The Bird of the Mind, Diary of a Russian Cosmonaut, Meme of the Day

5. The Dapper Herd: Upcoming Events, Called to Look Outside at the Beautiful Night Sky I Stared Up at the Crescent Moon and Venus in Silence Then Texted My Siblings to Look and They Did From So Far Away, An Update on Comet Atlas, Quote of the Day I, A Walk Around Ponkapoag Pond as an Homage to Some Long Titles Found in Ancient Chinese Poems, Long Titles, Homegrown National Park, Long Titles II, Quote of the Day II

6. The Damned Hero: Announcements, Mercury!, What Snails Talk About When They Get Together, Today’s Image, Bird Feeding: Astounding Numbers, Coronavirus Questions, The River Santa, The Greatest Day, Brief Poem of the Day

7. The Dark Hotel: Dedication, Sightings, A Brief Record of My 4-Day Stay in the Berkshires, Today’s Image, An Evening Walk in the Berkshires, A Moment of Sadness, What To Do If You Get Cornered at a Cocktail Party By a String Theorist, Meme of the Day

8. The Divine Hellos: Announcements, Sightings, Moonviewing from the White Road at Lake Champlain, My Orchid III, Possible Reasons I Like Ferns So Much, The Nights of the Comet, A Line I Wish I Wrote, Another Universe

9. The Droll Harbor: Announcements, Sightings, Kayaking the Charles River, And Then There’s This Lovely Story, Answers to Neruda’s Questions, Neruda Question Contest, From the Cutting Room Floor, Looking for Old Trees

10. The Dubious Hat: Announcements, Sightings, The Highs and Lows of Gardening, Life on Venus? Life on Mars? Do Loons Call Only at Night?, Word of the Day, Looking for Old Trees II

11. The Daily Howl:  Announcements, Sightings/Soundings, A Japanese Garden in Vermont, October Hammock, The Tree on My Block, Letter to an Old Friend, A Love Letter, Life on Venus II, Life on Zoom,  Halloween 2020’s Scariest Costumes, My Orchid IV

12. The Deluxe Hug: Announcements, Sightings, DH News 2020, My Orchid V, 2020: Making the Best of a Bad Situation, The 12 Days of COVID Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Havana, 2004